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Biden's War?
By John Shindlebower | March 15, 2023

The Biden Administration seems intent on getting us into a war. Already, the U.S. has been credibly linked to the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline (which could technically be considered an act of war), and the U.S. has sent billions in aid to Ukraine. Now this U.S. drone, which allegedly was conducting surveillance for Ukraine in their conflict with Russian, was intercepted by Russian jets and crashed after a collision with the Russian planes. This will only escalate tensions. The conflict in Ukraine is a Civil War between disputed lands along the Ukranian/Russian border. The U.S. should remain out of this, yet the Biden White House is inching closer and closer to a full-scale conflict. A major military obligation would create a domestic economic crisis here in the U.S. - which is just what many Democrats and Liberals would love as they seek more and more control over the masses. WAKE UP!!!!!!! Tell your congressmen to support ending any U.S. involvement in this conflict!

"May God Bless Our Troops"
By John Shindlebower | March 13, 2023

"May God bless our troops." That familiar line is one President Biden routinely recites at the end of press conferences and speeches. The words suggest a high level of respect and loyalty to our military. Yet his actions prove otherwise. Less than two years ago, Biden ordered a poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan, one that was rushed so that he could revel in a political win ahead of the 20th anniversary of 9-11. That day in August of 2021 when the U.S. left behind American citizens, American allies, and billions in American military equipment, also saw 13 U.S. servicemembers killed by a suicide bomb attack. This Marine testified last week that he and his team had identified that suicide bomber and could have taken him out from their sniper position. They were never given permission to do so. The Biden Administration had so tightened the rules of engagement, that our military could not adequately defend themselves or our allies. This Marine, Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews, was critically injured in that blast, losing limbs and serious internal injuries. He's endured 4 surgeries, and the nightmares of comrades who were killed that day. He testified about the chaos, lack of leadership and the bungling of the mission. He was never interviewed by military intelligence or investigators about the incident, and was finally able to share his account during a congressional hearing last week. It should be heard by every American. Joe Biden does not deserve to be in the White House, and a large percentage of high-ranking military officers are a discredit to the uniform. Our military brass is more concerned about wokeness than protecting the troops and accomplishing the mission.

Censorship v. Tyranny
By John Shindlebower | March 9, 2023

When parents demand schools not expose little children to sexually explicit material, the left calls it censorship. When US senators object to adult Americans being allowed to view video from US Capitol cameras, they call it protecting Democracy. This kind of tyranny actually warrants Americans to rise up in righteous anger.

Truth v. Mainstream Propaganda
By John Shindlebower | March 9, 2023

The Democrats, establishment Republicans and most of the mainstream media have worked nonstop to push a certain narrative about events of January 6, 2021 at the United States Capitol. They’ve held countless hearings, a couple of which were actually aired on prime-time television and presented with the help of Hollywood producers. It’s been nothing short of an outright propaganda campaign. We’ve seen snippets of the video from that day, but officials for two years denied access to all the video footage from that day. That changed when conservative Republicans took control of the House two months ago. Now that video has been released. Have you watched Tucker Carlson’s reporting of the recently-released footage from the incident on January 6, 2021 at the White House? Have you noticed it does not match the narrative that many government and media figures have been pushing for over two years? Do you trust these figures? Remember that these same government and media figures lied to you about the origins of COVID, the effectiveness of masks, the need to close churches, businesses and schools. They lied to you about the need to cancel weddings, funerals and sporting events. They lied about the number of actual COVID deaths. They lied to you about effective therapeutic treatments that could have and should have been deployed to fight COVID. They lied to you and exaggerated the danger COVID presented to young, healthy individuals. They lied to you about the effectiveness of rushed vaccines, and they lied to you about the safety of those vaccines. These dishonest figures are both Democrat and Republicans and they have no loyalty to America or truth – but to their own established power. Now remember how they worked tirelessly to censor and cancel voices that tried to speak truth and reason during the peak of the COVID crisis. Anyone who dared to veer from their doomsday narrative was cast off as a kook or a conspiracy theorist. Now realize that many of these same figures are actively working to censor Tucker Carlson from releasing new video footage from January 6 that might differ from the agenda they’ve been pushing. This is not a battle over COVID. This is not a battle over January 6. This is an outright war on truth and transparency. I want to know more about Ray Epps – the man who appears to have tried to incite much of the chaos and breach of the capitol that day. I want to know more about the pipe bombs planted at both the DNC and RNC headquarters that same day and why the FBI has not released all the video footage of those incidents. I want to know why those in charge of security turned down calls for additional security at the capitol that day, and why officials were not more adequately prepared for a large crowd. More than anything – I want to know why at least 4 Capitol Police Officers committed suicide in the weeks and months following January 6. Did they actually commit suicide? Were they about to reveal some inside information that may have run counter to the official narrative?

Merrick Garland, THAT IS A LIE!!!!!!
By John Shindlebower | March 9, 2023

Garland today said that five officers died as a result of January 6, 2021 incident at U.S. Capitol. THAT IS A LIE!!!!!! No officers were killed that day. One died of a stroke the following day, and at least four officers committed suicide in the weeks and months following that incident. For one police department to endure four suicides is astounding. Were there adequate investigations into those deaths? Were they really suicides? Were some of these officers being pressured not to go against the prevailing media and government narrative about the events of that day? This is the number one question I have regarding January 6 and few people seem to be interested. Instead, officials like Garland just lie and push the story that the five officers were killed in the line of duty. This is a perfect example of a government lie, and the lies are rampant concerning January 6. Americans deserve the truth. Instead, Government officials, and many in the media - are actually calling for Tucker Carlson to be censored from revealing more of the video footage from that day that might jeopardize their narrative. WAKE UP AMERICA!

By John Shindlebower | March 3, 2023

If you find the photos posted here offensive, then good. If it doesn’t stir you to support current legislation being proposed in Frankfort that would prevent this type of thing from taking place in Kentucky, then shame on you. There are NO bills being pushed in Frankfort that target the LGBT community. There are a number of bills that are intended to protect children from LGBT advocates and activists who are increasingly pushing their agenda on vulnerable youth. Do not let the media mislead you. Last year, Florida legislators passed a bill protecting young children from pro-LGBT propaganda and sexualized indoctrination. To put it simply, the legislation basically prohibited schools from talking about sexual orientation, sexual matters and gender identity issues to young children. The LGBT activists, the left and their allies in the media, quickly labeled the legislation as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” even though the word “Gay” never appeared in the legislation. In fact, the bill wasn’t targeting any group at all, but rather was intended to protect the innocence of young children. Whether in Florida, Kentucky or any other state, the real question is not about whether LGBT individuals are being targeted by legislation – but rather – why the LGBT community demands the right to push their choices and preferences on little children. For example, in Kentucky, lawmakers are now looking to pass a bill that would ban drag shows (which more often than not, are highly sexualized and provocative) in public places, or in any venues that allow children to be present. This is in response to a growing number of troubling videos that have emerged showing drag shows that include partial nudity, grinding, touching, provocative dancing to music with vulgar lyrics, and even instances of children placing money inside the underwear of drag performers. Yet, most news outlets are reporting that lawmakers are trying to limit the rights of the LGBT community. No, it’s time to ask the LGBT activists why they insist on pushing their deviancy on children. New research shows that the number of young people now identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (or a host of other non-traditional labels) has exploded in the past decade. This is not a result of a biological phenomenon. Instead, the LGBT movement is a social contagion that preys on young people who are more alone, more troubled, more distant, more unstable, more disconnected spiritually, emotionally and physically, than at any time in our history. If a young person in a public school wants instant affirmation, all they must do is to “come out” of the proverbial closet and identify as one of the protected sexual minority classes, and they will receive accolades, support, affirmation and praise. The ensuing positive attention does nothing to help their deep-rooted issues, but only enables and encourages these young people to stroll down a dark, uncertain path that holds no bright future. Suicide rates for the LGBT community are alarmingly high, with some estimates suggesting that 45 percent of LGBT youth have contemplated suicide. These are young people who actually identify as LGBT – they’ve come out, they’ve gotten the applause, they’ve heard the praise, they’ve seen all the positive feedback by the culture, the affirmation by Hollywood and educators – and yet they are still troubled. Why? Because a pride flag, a special month, rainbow bumper stickers and enabling adults are not actually speaking to their deeper spiritual and emotional well-being. They simply camouflage real issues and prevent young people from really diving deep into who they are and what their God-given purpose in life is. Society has a responsibility to protect our children. Kentucky’s representatives must speak on behalf of ALL Kentuckians, not just the vocal minority who march under the multi-colored banners demanding acceptance, tolerance, and celebration. It’s time for lawmakers to protect our children. To all Kentuckians, I urge you to STOP being intimidated by the LGBT activists and their allies in the culture. Stand up for what you know to be right. For those of us who are Christians, we must stand for what is Biblically correct. For those who might not profess a specific faith, most understand that nature dictates that there are only two genders, and that the future of our species depends on biological procreation that is the result of heterosexual relationships. Support the legislation in Frankfort that protects our children.

Biden is Painting the United States into a Nuclear Corner
By John Shindlebower | February 24, 2023

PLEASE WATCH THIS Absent from all the talk revolving around Ukraine, is the word "peace." Putin has taken a hard line, Biden is blustering about "whatever it takes" and Zelensky continues to beg for whatever cash U.S. politicians and bureaucrats will hand over. None are talking peace, settlements, compromise, or any quick end to the escalating conflict. This is a European civil war involving land and territory in eastern Ukraine that traditionally has aligned with Russia. It also involves Russia's self-proclaimed interest in maintaining a buffer zone between itself and NATO forces. While no defender of Putin, he is not prepared nor equipped to launch some massive takeover of segments of Eastern Europe. His actions that began last year were not intended to launch World War III, but inept leadership from the West, most notably the Biden Administration, has simply guaranteed that the conflict will last longer and be more bloodier than what it could or should have been. Putin will not retreat. Zelensky is drunk with power and global popularity, and Biden is painting the United States into a corner that is leading to an escalation of the conflict and increased American involvement. Biden's incompetence has basically reignited the Cold War. Yet there is little discussion about what that means for us at home, our children, grandchildren and the very survival of the United States. I encourage everyone to watch this that was produced just a couple of days ago. This is not intended to scare you, but to wake you up and insist that America's policy toward Ukraine be one of fostering peace. Currently, we are doing anything but and the consequences could be deadlier than anything the world has ever seen.

FBI Targeting Catholics
By John Shindlebower | February 12, 2023

I have some significant theological disagreements with Catholicism, but I stand with them as they seem to be directly under attack by the U.S. Government. In case you haven’t heard (and unless you are a close follower of alternate news sites, you probably haven’t) a recently revealed FBI document suggested that federal investigators were going to actively investigate and consider traditional Catholics as potential far-right white nationalists. Make no mistake, to have a branch of the U.S. Government identify and target a religious group for ideological, political reasons without any evidence, is a blatant violation of the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberties. FBI retracts leaked document orchestrating investigation of Catholics | Catholic News Agency This is not an attempt to prevent any right-wing terrorism, this is an attack on religious groups who hold fast to Biblical values when it comes to issues such as homosexuality, abortion, transgendering children, and more. And don’t think for a minute that this is somehow limited to Catholics. The F.B.I. has not denied the document, but has announced that the document will be repealed because “it does not meet our exacting standards.” In other words, they got caught so they’re going to act like the whole thing was a mistake.” It was not a mistake or an error – the U.S. Government under the leftist Biden Administration (and it actually goes back much earlier) has been hijacked by radical activists in nearly every branch of government. This is what is often referred to as the “deep state.” Washington D.C. is made up largely of individuals, bureaucrats and special interest groups who are pushing for a complete secularization of America, and they will stop at nothing to eradicate all vestiges of Biblical Christianity. The U.S. Government in 2023 seems to be following the lead of the communist regimes of the U.S.S.R. and Red China when it comes to persecuting and silencing conservative Christian sects. When you hear certain people express concerns about the weaponization of certain Government agencies, this is exactly what we’re concerned about. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled at what officials in Washington D.C. are colluding to do to religious and personal liberties in this nation. They would likely expect citizens to prepare to defend themselves at all costs against the rise of these domestic threats coming from our own government.

By John Shindlebower | February 8, 2023

I find the vocal outbursts interrupting Joe Biden during the State of the Union Address to be encouraging. He came into The People’s House spewing lies and fostering division. Those in the House and Senate are OUR representatives and our voices. I do not expect them to sit idly by as Biden lies to America. Our nation was built by passionate, even angry discourse. Never surrender that passion. Never be intimidated into silence

By John Shindlebower | February 5, 2023

The unwillingness to protect America’s homeland from this intentional intrusion is a direct dereliction of duty by Biden. The excuse that debris could fall and kill someone is ludicrous. This thing was over Montana and much of the American west for days, some of the most sparsely populated areas on the planet. Furthermore, this is an act of aggression and war by the Chinese, passivity on our part by hiding by the very remote possibility of collateral damage is unacceptable.

By John Shindlebower | January 31, 2023

In Praise of Partisanship just a few weeks ago, Democrats and their stenographers and spokespeople in the mainstream media were suggesting that the drawn-out battle among the Republican members of the House of Representatives to elect a Speaker signaled a threat to our government. Some likened the week-long internal struggle to a chaotic circus, while others said it was evidence that the Republican Party was proving its inability to lead. Actually, the deliberations and negotiations that resulted in 14 failed House votes for eventual Speaker Kevin McCarthy was proof that the government of the people was never expected to be neat, tidy or rushed. It also served notice that there is a wide variety of views and perspectives even among members of the same party, which I think accurately reflects the wide variety of views and perspectives held by the constituents of those members. Americans have rarely seen eye to eye on most issues. Neither did our Founding Fathers. The beauty and genius of the structure of government they laid for us was that it acknowledged those differences would exist and it encouraged debate, discourse and discussion. Even in our infancy, this nation was made up of people from different countries, different cultures and different political philosophies. Even before the Declaration of Independence, there was debate about whether we should even attempt to sever ties with Great Britain. During the Revolutionary War, a good number of American colonists remained loyal to the throne. These Tories were at odds with the Patriots, but at war’s end, they would have to work together to ensure the success of a new nation. It took over three years for the states to ratify the United States Constitution. Why? Because of partisanship. There were differing opinions about the scope and scale of a federal government. That resulted in more than three years of heated debate, intense deliberations and eventual compromise. Today, partisanship is viewed as an evil in the political realm. But in truth, partisanship is healthy for a government like ours. Partisanship simply means that there’s more than one side to or one view of an issue. In a nation of over 330 million people, it is simply impossible for all of us to be like-minded. Those critical of partisanship fall in one of two categories – they are either Pollyannaish about a world where we should all agree, or they are tyrannical in their belief that only one side should prevail and opposition should be silenced, censored and eliminated. Sadly, it is the latter group that seems to prevail in many of our institutions today and it’s an attitude bred through arrogance. Think about it. What else could explain elected officials allowing and even supporting the weaponization of our nation’s top law enforcement and intelligence agencies to shut down parents from speaking out at school board meetings? What else could explain tyrannical governors from seizing unprecedented powers during COVID to lockdown entire states, close churches, shut schools and  force businesses to shutter, while hushing and shushing anyone who dared to speak out against such overreach? What else could explain government institutions choosing Secularism over the Judeo/Christian worldview and labeling any who adhere to the latter as extremists and terrorists? That’s what we get when partisanship is jettisoned in favor of consensus, especially when that consensus is determined by the self-appointed elites in government, entertainment, academia and media. According to “consensus” in 2023, we are told that abortion is healthcare. We are told that genders can be selected. We are told that ethnic minorities are automatically oppressed and that white children are born oppressors. We are told that man is destroying the climate, and it’s up to Americans to fix it.  We are told that the greatest evils are inanimate objects such as guns, SUVs and more recently, gas stoves. Rule by consensus is nothing more than a dictatorship controlled by those who define the consensus. Americans who love the Constitution must rediscover the value of partisanship, the benefit of debate and the power of persuasion. We must resist the call to silence our dissent. The passion and vigor we saw on the House floor in January was refreshing. We need more of that. Much more. The issues at hand are too serious to simply concede to the whims of the elite. Immigration, national defense, inflation, education, personal liberties, and the growing economic threat to future generations in the form of skyrocketing national debt – all of these warrant our involvement. They deserve partisan voices to articulate their positions and argue their case. It may get noisy. It may get loud. It may get chaotic. Just as our Founding Fathers intended it to be.

By John Shindlebower | January 28, 2023

The death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of five Memphis Police Officers is being used to smear all police officers. It’s a common refrain every time there is a questionable interaction between police and members of a minority. In the overwhelming number of such cases, the evidence and facts eventually point to the police being justified in their actions. After seeing the video from the Memphis incident earlier this month, such a conclusion isn’t even remotely possible. Those five officers attacked, beat, kicked and murdered that man. They are without defense. The protests that began last night, and I won’t be surprised to see more in the coming days and potentially an escalation in intensity and possible violence, will be misguided. They will focus on race and they will focus on a call for justice. However, the wheels of justice in this case are already rolling. The five police officers have already been filed. Each are charged with second degree murder among other felonies and have been arrested. What the protesters seek is not justice, but attention and a platform to push a radical liberal agenda based on racism. A willing media will be sure to give it to them. But the protests and the actions of these five police officers are two separate issues. The police officers were wrong, and while their actions are not indicative of the majority of police officers, there are some issues that police departments around the nation should consider. There is a lack of professionalism within the ranks of many departments these days, and there are a number of remedies that could be suggested. First – police officers must be regarded as professionals, and thus, treated like professionals. That means pay should be increased significantly for police officers. Those who take the oath to wear a badge and carry a gun bear a heavy burden and do a dangerous job. They should be compensated handsomely. The average salary for a police officer in New York City is currently just over $51,000 annually. I’d suggest doubling that. Now, to whom much is given, much will be expected. Second – in order to justify such a pay increase, officers will be subject to much more stringent recruiting guidelines and standards. Only individuals of the highest character should be considered for the job. It seems some departments in some cities have looked to fill their ranks with physically strong officers who may be a little rough around the edges. That’s resulted in a new breed of officer in the past several years who seems more concerned about how good he looks in a tight shirt, how many tattoos he has and how much street cred he has. Lost is the sense of professionalism. Officers should refrain from excessive profanity, should not be heavy drinkers (even out of uniform) and should be men and women of character, integrity, high morals and be emotionally and spiritually mature. If you want the public to respect the uniform, make every effort to ensure that those wearing the uniform are worthy of that respect. Third – prosecute criminals and get felons off the street. The recent wave of prosecutors and city leaders who have signaled surrender to crime in large cities only empowers the criminals and delegitimizes the police. Officers have little incentive to risk their lives to arrest criminals, only to have judges and prosecutors who dismiss charges or hand down lenient sentences. While this is often done for crimes such as theft and burglary, it’s even the case for violent offenders who assault, rape and kill. Too many liberal politicians and bureaucrats want to defund the police, while advocating for a system that no longer believes that crime shouldn’t pay. Fourth – appoint leadership based on ability, not on affirmative action. The current Memphis Police Chief has been given accolades for her handling of the Nichols case. She definitely has seemed to be quick and transparent regarding necessary action against the officers involved, but there are many questions as to the conduct of the officers under her command. This was not one rogue officer, this was a number of officers (more than just the five charged) who were on the scene that evening. There is something amiss about the procedures and actions of the police that evening that must be answered at the highest levels. I have always supported law enforcement. They have a tough job and of late, it’s a tough job in an almost impossible political environment. Whenever a story like this appears, I make it a point to not rush to judgment until details are released, knowing that in most cases, the police will be justified. But our support for law enforcement loses all legitimacy if it’s blind support. If we don’t call out the bad cops when they deserve it, defending the good officers will mean nothing. It's important to back the blue. It’s equally important to have zero tolerance for brutality.

By John Shindlebower | January 6, 2023

Former Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin took the spotlight this afternoon in what sounded like (and what others expected to be) a speech outlining a platform for a potential run in the gubernatorial election. However, his comments wrapped up just literally minutes before the filing deadline and he walked out of the Capital without signing any paperwork declaring his candidacy for the Republican primary. But in just 20 minutes, he pinpointed some of the most serious issues in the Commonwealth, and simultaneously, schooled the statewide media for failing to focus on these very issues - issues like failing schools, unsolved pension issues and the continued collapse of urban areas at the expense of minorities. The former governor is right about these issues. He’s right when he says Kentucky should strive to eliminate the income tax. He’s right when he says that Kentucky schools (especially JCPS) is failing because of ineffective leadership by board members who continue to be re-elected. He’s right when he says the violence plaguing our inner cities is the result of policies that put band-aids on problems that actually require moral and spiritual solutions. It certainly sounded like a kickoff to a campaign, but yet he didn’t file. However, a dozen other Republicans have entered the race in a crowded field that will likely be contentious and chaotic. Because there is no run-off election scenario in Kentucky (thankfully), that means the candidate who garners the highest percentage of votes (which technically could be less than 10 percent) would be the winner of the primary. I can honestly imagine that it may be hard for any candidate to garner over 20 or 25 percent of the vote. I can also imagine that a fringe candidate, someone like Eric Deters, who is a clown of the first order, yet appeals to an unhealthy population of clowns, could somehow eek out a surprising victory. (Clowns stick together and can be fiercely loyal). Current Democrat Governor Andy Beshear is adored by the media, but his tyrannical rule during COVID could and should be a huge issue in the coming race. This is the man whose actions kept kids out of schools for months, who destroyed countless small businesses, whose rules and lockdowns kept people from saying their final goodbyes to parents and grandparents, and who literally shut down churches while he kept abortion clinics and strip clubs open. Remember, Beshear actually had uniformed state troopers show up to a church and threaten to cite churchgoers who dared to attend in-person services on Easter Sunday. I do wonder what Bevin’s aim was this afternoon. Was it simply to troll the media? If so – well done. Was it perhaps to help shape the discussion for the upcoming election? Was it to present himself as a viable leader in the Kentucky Republican Party, and therefore someone GOP candidates should seek out as advisor, counselor and perhaps win an endorsement? And here’s a far-fetched idea? Is Bevin considering a run as an independent. If one of the fringe candidates like Deters is the top vote-getter in the primary (not an out-of-the-question proposition given that votes will be split 12 ways) would there be a window for a candidate like Bevin to present a viable, qualified and credible candidate to Kentucky Republicans? Who knows? But I invite you all to watch this press conference and tell me what current candidate has a better grasp of the real issues, the real challenges and the real potential of Kentucky than does Bevin. We can talk about some of Bevin’s negatives, but in a party that seems to increasingly find favor in guys like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, Kentucky has a leader who possesses the same leadership qualities and common sense in Bevin. It should be an interesting year to be at Fancy Farm come the first Saturday in August!

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